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Mosaic Creations - Secrets of Amazon Ranking

Globally Market purchasing pattern is shifting to online E-commerce,& as a result most of business are focussing to adopt online sales channels to cope up with the shift. For existing distribution business the shift is positive as they are able to increase their reach and sales in manifolds.

Among all platforms Amazon is the world’s most powerful online multi-vendor ecommerce platform with their unique Delivery and payment mechanism, All together complete end – end solution to reach customers online. At the same time Amazon has strict policies for all the sellers to protect their customer interests. Amazon has laid Amazon A9 Algorithms to maintain quality of searches to their customers.

We at Mosaic Creations specialise in creating wonderful Product listing making best out of provisions provided by Amazon seller panel, The Idea is not only to show case the product in the best way helping customers to make a purchase decision but also keep in mind the factors like targeting the right keywords and rank.


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Our services fits right to established business housed also those who are looking to sell products on amazon. We provide end to end technology & marketing solutions for building successful online business, We can customise our services to establish outsourced team for online selling channel.

For Established business setting up Amazon account, competitor analysis of product, determine the product positioning , Finding right keywords, Creating listing of product , Running promotional campaigns, Ongoing product research, SEO of product listing.

For Companies looking Amazon as an opportunity to sell products we help finding the products which are good in demand on Amazon and other market sources with lower competition on costs and SEO.


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