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We are Mosaic Creations! We are pioneers in developing mobile apps for our clientele, old and new ones altogether.

We create Mobile App Development for all clients, be it for Corporate, MSMEs, and Start-up ventures! We have helped all entrepreneurs to get results in their business ventures over many years! Our clients are very happy about our expertise in mobile app development, and they canvass about us to others, resulting in more clients joining the bandwagon.

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    We at Mosaic have helped our diverse clientele to develop their mobile apps, mainly….

    We have helped numerous start-ups by developing powerful & effective mobile app development across different segments and Industries. The start-Ups work on various ideas and business offerings. The process has been very challenging for us. We have the right kind of professionals who work with consistency and deliver the goods!

    Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises need to attract customers and add more to their repertoire. Our Mobile App Development team accepts the challenges and comes out with appropriate solutions. Our experienced professionals try hard and develop mobile app solutions, which are detrimental to our client’s growth in the busy markets. These apps are very user-friendly and easy to operate by beginners as well!


    Nowadays, each and every corporate has ventured into mobile app development to sell their products or services to customers. We provide the best-in-class apps which are customized for their needs. The Industries could be Hospitals, Star Hotels, Product and food services companies, QSRs, Healthcare companies, Automotive, Construction Companies, Travel, Airlines, Education conglomerates, FMCG, and Electronic companies; we have provided the best of Mobile Apps day in and day out! As a very renowned and popular mobile app development company, we work hard to give them the best at all times. Our clients get more and more business using our tailor-made apps for them!

    Information on Mobile App Development for beginners:

    Similar to web application development, mobile app development is also based on traditional software development. Any website has a front end and a back end. The mobile front-end similarly gets the data from the back-end through many service calls called APIs. There is a methodology for managing the API. It can be done by the developer themselves or can be outsourced to an outside company.

    Interestingly, Mobile app development has become a greater tool over the years. All these software applications were designed to run on mobile devices, like smartphones or tablet computers.
    The gaming app is written to run on iPhone’s accelerometer; similarly, a mobile health app is used to tackle the smart watch’s temperature sensor. All the apps are developed for different purposes and usage.

    For Mobile app development, the process starts. If the developer gets a contract by engaging with social media or advertising content producers like music companies, Film producing companies, or other brands, then a contract is signed with them, and the content is obtained.


    The important, groundbreaking path

    The ideation is conducted for the app first and foremost.

    Incremental Features:
    The features are added to the app to help the end user to get more information. A variety of features are added to the app, which could be less risky as well!

    It is required to finalize the required features. There are normally 8 to 12 features shortlisted. The client will approve or reject the features and demand more attractive features. After many meetings and discussions, the right feature needed will be finalized. Ideation is the first work done by a mobile app development company to analyze the app and its functioning. After the pre-design stage, clients are given a presentation on a plan, technical aspects, and expert advice and suggestions!

    Ideation Phase Continued:
    The app-developed team and the members from the client’s side work on a brainstorming session on the finer aspects of mobile app development. All the technical aspects required are discussed and zeroed in

    At Mosaic, we follow the four stages of app development always.

    • Pre-Design stage:

      Perfect planning is required for the app development process. The brief is first taken, and the work is conducted on a working strategy. The Mobile app development process takes place after the brainstorming is conducted. The acceptance and reactions of the target audience are gauged. The technical aspects are evaluated for success measurements to eradicate any loopholes.

      There are various meetings held during the workshop conducted by experts from the company. There will be high-end demonstrations and expertise shared with the client’s team. The client will be introduced to the UX specialists, IT professionals, and experts from the mobile app development team.

    • The design stage:

      Some clients approve, without much deliberation, the design packages presented by the developer. There are situations where clients who have conducted in-depth research will come up with queries and put forth what exactly they want. This includes the concept, design features, and functionalities. The designing process thus begins. At the time of the design stage of the mobile app development, the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) is conceived and iterated, and the blueprint will be made ready.

      In such cases, the developer will be able to speed up the process of mobile app development. The wireframe is developed to enable the places for navigation. It is a UX-based view of the working of the app. Now, after these sessions, the developer will be able to start the work of mobile app development!

    • The development stage:

      An interactive prototype is already built. The entire app’s screens and connections and visual designs are created for each of the screens. A detailed technical specification is conducted as the next job. The external data is properly and ably connected. The time duration taken to build the functionality normally is 15 days. Next follows the internal review and fine testing of the mobile app. Then, the mobile app development team engages e-services of the in-house quality assurance team. They check the functionality thoroughly.

      The client’s team will get a proper idea and view at this stage of the mobile app development. Then, a UAT (user acceptance test) is done. Now, the time has come for RC mode (Release Candidate) personnel. Any of the iterations from the client’s side is accepted and cleared. The maximum duration for the mobile app development will be between four to six months!

    • The support stage:

      Now, the time has come to check issues of bugs and other most relevant functional problems. Any untoward functioning is addressed and cleared of all defective modes. The tech professionals among the development team will get beta versions of OS updates before 30 days of the release of the app for end-user usage. The client’s grievances and suggestions are looked after, and problems are rectified here. The mobile app development team will ignore the smaller problems, as they can be rectified, but they see that there are no major hurdles. All recommendations are made for B2B apps, followed by field visits by the team to check the end user’s acceptance and gauge the app’s performance.

    How the Mobile App Development Process Reachs its Final Stage.

    Now, the testing of the app is conducted on all parameters, and the functionality is checked. The mobile app development team then conducts surveys and technical checks to gauge whether the app performs correctly. The analysis is conducted to determine if the target audience is properly reciprocating the services or products the app is selling. Many important field visits follow. After successfully running all thorough checks, the app is released for public consumption at all levels!

    It is Now Ready To Use:

    The mobile app is ready for use by all concerned. In today’s times, all businesses develop apps and circulate them to the target audience, which uses them successfully to order the services and goods they desire. We at Mosaic Creations are interested to know about any queries from companies who would like to develop a mobile application.

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