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If you are looking for the most effective and 100% transparent social media services, we are your go-to partners. We know the best and the most strategic way to boost website traffic and build a strong brand ethos.

Develop brand ethos

Your brand ethos is very crucial to attract and keep the traffic engaged. It is very important to grow your social followers so that people can trust you . Our social media services are highly effective since we reach out to the relevant target market which matches your ethos in terms of demographics and behaviour.

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    Increase traffic engagement

    When organic or inorganic lands on your website, we help them stay longer with the help of good engaging content. Engaging content can be in the form of write-ups, videos and much more. This helps build a sustainable connection with the audience.

    Increase traffic

    The best combination with social media marketing services is a package of increasing traffic. If done correctly, this increases both organic and inorganic traffic. We conduct social media campaigns that are measurable to deliver success. Moreover, our targeting is highly precise with the help of social media ads.


    We offer you a transparent service where you will be able to keep a track of all the leads who have visited you. Moreover, we assist you in conversions by following up effectively with potential customers. Our Remarketing services also boosts conversions effectively.

    If the basics are right, we believe your future journey will be successful!

    Social media and the world today!
    The world has been revolutionized due to social media. Since 2015, the total number of social media users have risen by 4 billion. Friends and family used it initially to connect, but now in 2021, it has become a major source of leads.71% of users buy products online and the numbers started growing with the rise of E-Commerce platforms. Since social media continues to grow at a huge rate, social media services will continue influencing the consumers equally largely.

    What Is social media marketing?
    Social media marketing is the technique of promoting your brand name through various platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Instagram etc. This is done through publishing good content and also by running advertisement campaigns like google ads, Facebook ads etc.

    How can social media marketing help my business?
    Organizations require different promotional channels. In 2021. They need the digital space badly. Social media is a very powerful way to expand business stop it is almost like an organization speaking to the audience through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. This brings remarkable success to various business organizations as social media marketing helps in –

    • Expanding brand awareness
    • Organized strategic marketing
    • Create devoted brand advocates
    • Potentially wade through the strict competition

    Wondering what’s the difference between social media marketing and digital marketing?
    Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing. Digital marketing is an end to end solution which encompasses different aspects like SEO (Search engine optimization), PPC Or pay per click ads, E-Mail marketing and content marketing.

    Why do you need to be active on social media ?
    The social media platform is expanding rapidly specially in 2021.It is expected that by this year around 3.1 billion people will be using the social media. This shows us that the social media users are going to expand rapidly in the next coming years as well. Connecting and engaging is the only way to successful marketing in this digital world.

    How Social media helps in Marketing?


    • Research Everything

      We cannot underestimate the value of research stop it requires a lot of input to plan out your social media marketing strategy we basically. We basically need to know about three major things : the target audience, your competitors and the behavior of your potential clients.

      There are a couple of ways to dig out this information information. For the competition and your competitors we need to start by looking at their social media pages. Simply looking at their social media pages we can find out what they are posting, what kind of followers do they have, what is the number of followers that they have and much more. On Facebook we also have an option of checking which Facebook ad your competitor is running at the moment. Overall a social media audit helps you understand your competitors really well. Moreover you can also gain a few of their followers by posting similar things that they are doing or posting better things than they do.

      Keep a note of what they are doing and start jotting down points. Also understand how the consumers are responding if you both share a similar market. Check out if there are positive or negative responses overall. There are a lot of insights which one can gain from Facebook in terms of the target audience because Facebook helps to understand their behavior patterns on the app.

      Also, we need to understand what is your target audience’s motivation ,moreover questions like, how do your target customers make purchase decisions, what kind of problems do they face, how do they behave post buying etc. are key things which one should know about. One must understand the behavior pattern.

      For example, people who are looking for quick reads or short sentences they go to Twitter and for long form video content they go to YouTube. So, if you are looking at posting longform video content you should visit YouTube and upload your data rather than using Twitter.

      So, with a deep research knowledge let’s move on to the next step of planning out your content strategy according to the research results.

    • Plan Out Your Content Accordingly

      Once we cross a research stage, we become more aware of what kind of behavior to expect, what kind of consumers to cater to ,and of course, more about the content nature. We also understand that every content which we float onto our social media handles, is basically to make an impact on the end consumer.

      We must not forget that social media marketing is more about engaging with the right people so that the impact which is made helps them take purchase decisions. The idea is to create a sales funnel affectively and have more conversions. Due to this, the nature of your content which you post on your social media handles must be more user oriented rather than sales oriented. It must show that you are a thought leader in the space or expert in the space of what you are doing so that more people follow you on an everyday basis and you create an engaging impact on them.

      A preplanning of your social media content is important because it helps you understand which direction are you planning your brand name to become popular in. Social media planning also helps define your brand tone and adds to your brand it has affectively.

    • Optimize Your Accounts

      When opening accounts on social media it is really important to put the best in place. A non-optimized content looks very unorganized on any social media handle. When it comes to small or minute details like filling out your biography, adding high resolution images, your profile photo, your logo, your website links, your Business Contact information, and even language for example punctuation errors etc. must be taken care of effectively.

      Also ,many people have multiple social media accounts on different sources. It is really important to have uniformity across all platforms so that consumers don’t get confused. Little things for example your username audio brand name must be very similar across all the platforms. Your social media account affects your brand directly. More than 80% of the users are online these days and the number is increasing in billions. So any mistake you make is in front of billions of people.

      Nowadays, social media is getting highly influenced by search engine optimization or SEO. This means that if someone types in a few words in the search bar, there is a high chance that any brand name with those words will pop up as a suggestion. There are multiple hashtags which are added in posts by many other brands like yours. This is done so that you have more followers and people who search with the specific hashtags can see your content. These are nothing more but keywords. These keywords help consumers find what they want exactly as how they like.

    • Decide If Social Advertising Is For You

      Social media advertising is very popular it is a completely different approach when it comes to compelling with social media management. They both are do different aspects and are crucial for each other. They are separate because the goals and approach are different.

      It is a great combination with organic social media management. Although their goals are similar to each other , there are a few questions which needs to be asked.

      • The amount of time required- If one has time for organic approach or do we need immediate web traffic.
      • If you are looking for extended for extend media reach beyond social.
      • If you have a list of target audience or email subscribers list.
      • Your budget concerns.

      These questions determine your level of involvement and spend with social media.

    Why I need a Social Media Advertising Company

    It is crucial to connect and talk with the experts for your social media needs. It is not possible to master the skill single headedly as different platforms have different requirements.

    An effective and carefully curated social media marketing strategy is important to win all the platforms. It is quite a time consuming task , hence our experts come into picture and handle it for you. We help you conduct an in-depth social media analysis which has a proven track record of accuracy. Whether your goal is to get more traffic , get leads or increase organic impressions, our experts offer end to end services.

    WHY US

    • Transparency
      At ABC we believe in a collaborative approach. We mutually agree on everything which goes out on your social media handles. Without your approval , nothing is lined up for going LIVE. Moreover, we also show you the performance of your posts in terms of social media analytics and our experts explain you everything when they hand hold you through your social media transformation.
    • Low Risk
      If you look at our track record and client testimonials , you would see positive results from them. We are backed by integrity and have a good brand ethos in the market .Hence, your investment is safe with us.
    • Good ROI
      Our experts offer you seamless services which help you have better results for the amount of investment you have done. Your social brand name is definitely going to sharpen up with our services.
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