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10 Ways of Growth on Amazon Business

10 Ways of Growth on Amazon Business

Amazon Business If you have started an Amazon business, then you have taken the right step towards achieving business success. Once you start selling your products on Amazon, your goal would be to maximize your sales so that you can grow your company. If you were wondering how to achieve this, then read on to know 10 ways of achieving growth on Amazon.

1. Optimize your product page

The product page is what your customers will see first. You need to optimize this page for the best results. Optimizing involves using keywords for Amazon SEO. This is just like Google SEO, where you use keywords effectively. Using the right keywords can help you get more customers to your page. Study advertising analytics to understand popular keywords. Then modify your page so that your title, product description, and other content uses the keywords effectively.

2. Use photographs effectively

A reason why some people don’t like online shopping is that they can’t touch and feel the products. You can compensate for this by posting realistic photos that make them feel they are seeing the product. Post attractive photos that offer a clear view of the product. Research competitors to understand how they use photos effectively. Learn how the top Amazon sellers present their product page. Take ideas from other pages and use them to improve your page.

3. Differentiate your product

Your product must be different from your competitors. If customers have to buy your products, they must know what is there in your product that is unique. Make sure you highlight unique points of your product on the product page. Use bullet points and let the first point focus on the unique selling proposition of your product. The product feature that differentiates it from the competitors must be included in the bullet points.

4. Make your product a sponsored product

The Amazon sponsored products is a feature that allows you to advertise your products on Amazon. When users search for your product it may be displayed in one of the inside pages. If you want to bring it to page 1, using the sponsored product option is a good idea. Once you activate the feature, your product will be displayed as an ad on the start page. This will help you attract more visitors to your page. You can pay for the ad based on how many visitors click on it. You can generate traffic to your page by making your product a sponsored product.

5. Build your Brand with Amazon Business

Build your brand by branding your products. Register your brand with Amazon and use it effectively on your products and your product page. Branding can help you differentiate your products from that of your customers. Promote your brand on social media to help draw in traffic.

6. Be a part of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is gaining in popularity with an average increase of 12% every year. It makes sense for you to be a part of Amazon Prime. Once you are a part of Amazon Prime, you can tap the international Amazon market and offer your product to more than 185 countries. You can also benefit from being part of the 1 billion FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) items delivered every year. This is a great way to boost your business in a large scale way.

7. Ensure you have plenty of reviews

Most customers buy products after looking at reviews. Encourage your customers to post reviews. It is not necessary that you have all 5-star reviews. If you have 100% 5-star reviews, customers may get a doubt if the reviews are genuine. It is ok if there are a couple of lower ratings in the feedback. Having more reviews and an overall good rating ensures customers trust your product.

8. Test product pricing

Pricing the product plays an important role in the success of your product. If you have a premium product, you can sell it for a high price, else you need to sell at a price acceptable to customers. Use psychological pricing like 99.99, 199.99. Test your pricing and see reactions from customers before finalizing the price.

9. Analyze data

Your Amazon account provides you valuable data on visitors, traffic, conversion rate, cost of advertising, etc. Use this data to understand how you are doing. The date will give you insights into your customers that you can use to attract more customers and convert them into sales.

10. Be a part of the Seller Rewards Program

The Seller Rewards Program is offered by Amazon to reward loyal sellers. Once you sign up to join this program, you can be a part of various promotional activities that would help you earn rewards. You can earn reward points that can be redeemed for gift cards or to avail Amazon services like Cataloguing and Transportation.

Following these 10 ways can help you grow your Amazon business by leaps and bounds.

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